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The Philly Basket Brigade
In 2019, Keith and Melissa Patridge took over the Philly Basket Brigade from the original founders Paul and Stacey Martino in order to continue to feed the families that count on the efforts and donations of the Brigade.  Philly Basket Brigade, which began in 2006, is a chapter of the International Basket Brigade. Our mission is to feed families in the suburban Philadelphia area. As parents with young children, Keith and Melissa Patridge began by donating & volunteering with the Brigade and are passionate about helping other parents experience the joy and the pride of cooking their own Thanksgiving feast in their own homes.
“As a mother, I feel compelled to help another mother have the ability to prepare her Thanksgiving feast for her kids. I want her to make her Grandmother’s gravy recipe, and her Auntie’s famous sweet potatoes. I want her kids to mix up their own batch of cookies and lick the frosting off the spoon when the cake is done! That’s Thanksgiving to me and I want that for every parent. For that reason, the Philly Basket Brigade does not give out prepared food. Groceries are the special key! It’s the groceries that allow that mother to make her feast with her kids that whole day, with the house smelling delicious as the Parade plays on the TV. That’s Thanksgiving to me…and hopefully this year, thousands of people in the Philly area will have the same experience because of the donors and volunteers from the Philly Basket Brigade!” 
– Stacey Martino 
What began by feeding only 2 families the first year, the Philly Basket Brigade has grown and now feeds hundreds of families every year and keeps growing!
“The Philly Basket Brigade is a FOR KIDS-BY KIDS charity! All our baskets are decorated by our “little” volunteers (preschoolers) and our bigger kids pack the baskets with the food! Then families head out together to deliver the baskets! As parents it’s really important to create a safe giving experience for our children and all the kids in the community. We want our kids to have a fun, safe and great Giving experience and feel that they absolutely can make a difference in another kids life….no matter how young they are today!” 
– Melissa Patridge
Melissa and Keith Patridge are serial entrepreneurs and have started and grown many successful businesses over the years. They live their life by design in Chester county with their two amazing sons Michael and Ryan!
Our Partners: The Philly Basket Brigade would NOT be able to grow to this size without the dedication, commitment and support of our partners! We love you and thank you!!
  • ShopRite of Hunterdon County, Inc Including: Greenwich, Clinton, Flemington, Bethlehem and Yardley ShopRite locations. 
  • Woodside Church- Yardley, PA
  • Feast of Justice - Philadelphia, PA
  • www.JacuzziHotTubsofSEPA.com
  • www.HalfPriceHotTubs.com

The Philly Basket Brigade is part of the Anthony Robbins International Basket Brigade, which is built on a simple notion: one small act of generosity on the part of one caring person can transform the lives of hundreds. What began more than 35 years ago as Anthony Robbins’ individual effort to feed families in need, is now providing baskets of food and clothing for millions of people annually in countries all over the world.
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